Five Communication Strategy Recommendations

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Develop five recommendations that you will propose to
Sharon Slade, the chief human resources officer of Netflix.

Your recommendations should include the following critical elements:

·Incorporate concepts of integrative bargaining, (i.e., win-win bargaining or
interest-based bargaining). Your goal is to create an environment that
increases the likelihood of reaching a mutually beneficial outcome for both

·Identify ways that Sharon can make a positive first impression, using tacit communication,
such as body language, tone of voice, and so on. Explain your reasoning.

·Identify examples of effective overt
that Sharon can use in this negotiation. Explain your

·Suggest a location for the negotiation
that will create confidence in both Sharon and Alice and a
positive basis for the discussion.

·Identify situation(s) when should Sharon
use tacit communication
. In which situation(s) should Sharon use
overt communication? Explain your reasoning.

·Compare the impact of the overt
and tacit communication
in these situations and
how they will affect the message Sharon is sending.

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