Final reflection statement

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Revisit the first reflection statement. In that statement, it put forth two learning objectives, and explained how each objective was relevant for business ethics and for life.

In this final reflection statement, choose one of the learning objectives was discussed in the first statement, and explain how you met that objective with a specific aspect of this course. In other words, reflect on how you met one of your objectives, using a particular vignette/example from a reading or presentation in this course.

Make sure that you do the following (and clearly label each part) in 400-600 words:

(a) Clearly explain your original learning objective and why it was important to you.

(b) Explain the specific example from a reading or in-class presentation that was particularly meaningful to you and your life. Maybe a problem was explained that you’d never thought of before, or there was an example that made you think differently about a problem you’d already thought about. Maybe there was a vignette or image that stayed with you. Perhaps there was a distinction that better helped you understand what was at stake or helped you make sense of an intuitive judgment you had, or a concept that added clarity to your thinking. Maybe someone said exactly what you wanted to say only better.

(c) Explain how this example helped you achieve the learning objective you discussed in (a). What about it helped you learn? What connections did it help you make?

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