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1.Some scholars refer to the ancient civilizations that developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt as “hydraulic.” Is this an accurate description of each? Why or why not?

2.The ancient Greeks were known for developing several political systems including monarchy, democracy, oligarchy, aristocracy, and tyranny. Choose two and explain how they were practiced in ancient Greece. How were they practiced during the Middle Ages?

3.What are some of the major contributions of Islam to Western civilization? Explain at least three specific examples.

4. The Protestant Reformation impacted continental European nations as well as England. How did the movement differ between the continental powers and England? Which Reformation was more successful in the long term? Why?

5.Some historians have argued that history is made not only by mankind, but by the world itself. To what extent, for example, were climate and disease key factors in prompting economic and social changes? Discuss at least two different time periods and civilizations covered in our class in your response.


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