Final Paper: Child Development, psychology homework help

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  • Please make sure to use the attached documents when doing this assignment and please watch for grammatical errors.
  • Final Paper: Child Development
    • Due: Wednesday in Module 4C  May 11, 2016
    • Format : 9-10 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font.
    • Include citations from the literature, using APA format.
    • Full Description of the Assignment is below.  A copy is also in Course documents. 

In Unit 4, you have read about several different theoretical frameworks for understanding child development. For your final paper, apply concepts from the life course perspective and the risk and resilience perspective to describe one person’s early life adaptation. You can use yourself and the material you collected for the discussion boards, or, if you prefer, you can apply the concepts to someone else that you know well. If you are going to do someone else, use the table from Module 4A to help you organize the material. 

 A. Demonstrate your understanding of Bowlby and/or Mahler’s theories and apply them to specific transaction you viewed in your detailed parent/child observation. 3 pages. 

 B. Take the information you inputted into the Table from Unit 4a about your first 6 years. Using three specific concepts from the life course perspective, apply and illustrate these concepts to events that occurred in the first 6 years of your life. (Alternatively, you can use another person for this assignment. Use someone who you know quite well). 3 pages. 

 C. Demonstrate your understanding of the risk and resilience framework (Davies, Chapter 3), describe factors in your (or their) life by applying this model to your life or this other person’s (that you used above). Include risk and protective factors that were present in each of the three domains: the child, the parent and the environment. 3 pages.

 D. Reflect on how the material for this course has altered how you might approach understanding yourself and future clients. 1 page.

**I attached a list on the below called systems thinking and the answers to that chart in here below.**

Filling out the chart allowed me to look back in retrospect over my life and I could remember my mother imparting wisdom into me.  There were some things I could remember as a child and there were other things I depended on my mother to inform me. When I think about my health as an infant I would have to say that I was well taken care of because my mother nursed. At this time there were known medical problem or sicknesses. I could remember learning alphabets and numbers as well as writing in script in 1st or 2nd grade.  When I think about my family I think about how my mother was a strong independent single parent that supported her kids. My father was around but not as consistent as he should be. My parents both worked fulltime jobs to take care their families. Although my father didn’t play a role in the household but he did contributed financially. I would have to say that my parents were happy living their separate lives, which led to the entire family being happy.

I grew up in a Christian household and we were very active in church. That was our religious community and there we learned how to love the Lord, worship, fellowship, and outreach among other things. When I was growing up violence wasn’t as prevalent as it is now because I didn’t know that when I was 6 years old the Pan Am 747 exploded from a terrorist bomb. I don’t remember much about violence when I was growing up it’s almost like it didn’t exist but at least not in my world. It’s not something I had to worry about as a child. At this time Ronald Reagan was president. President Reagan had many accomplishments, however Ronald Reagan’s biggest accomplishment in presidency was to improve the self confidence that America had by strengthening the nation’s economy. He did this by reducing inflation, increasing employment and cutting taxes to nearly 25 percent. He was also instrumental in appointing the first female Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor. Besides this, be started a war against the drugs. I can truly say that I was truly blessed. I’ve had some good experiences in life, and I had some bad experiences, but all experiences contributed to the person that I am today

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