Film Online Quiz-30 minutes, film homework help

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I need help from someone knowledgeable in film studies for my upcoming Film quiz which will take place online.

I have an online Film Quiz, for “Hollywood Old and New” course online.

The quiz is going to have 30 questions(10multiple choice, 10matching, 10true and false).

Once I click Start the quiz I only have 30 minutes to hand in my answers, so there is about 1 minute to answer each short question. Therefore, I need a tutor who has extensive knowledge about Film studies. Once I starts my Quiz I will post my questions in CHAT for the writer and I will expect help within that 30 minutes so I can insert my answers.

Again I need a tutor who is an expert in Film studies to answer as many as the 30 questions he/she can for me within that 30 minutes, so please do not bid thinking that this is a writing question.

Please message me in Chat after bidding- I will send you a number of sample questions to see if this is something you can help me with.

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