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Analyze a field document from Appendix A of Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals.  For this discussion, you will use that document to talk about some key features of criminal justice writing.  How does the writing look, and what kind of details are present? What kind of process appears to have been used to craft the document?  Discuss the importance of attention to detail, brevity, and other field-specific features that you notice.


  • Analyze key features of an academic writing document.
  • Discuss differences between academic writing and writing in the field. 
Write a 1 page essay in APA Format.  Use 1 specific source and any additional sources may be used if needed.  Include in-text citations.
Use the following source:  
Miller, S., L., Whitehead, T., J.  (11/2013).  Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals, 5th Edition. pgs.  311-332.

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