fallacies and biases 2

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Prior to answering this week’s discussion prompt, complete the Buying a Car interactive scenario. In the car buying scenario, just like in real life, you were presented with an argument for making a different purchase than you had originally intended. Notice any similarities between the arguments offered by the car salesman and the kinds of arguments you have read about in the assigned readings. Consider how you can apply what you have learned in the class so far to the kinds of arguments given by the salesman. Keep these sorts of considerations in mind as you complete this discussion.

Prior to posting in this discussion, complete The Parking Garage interactive scenario. As you work through the scenario, stop to consider the reasons why you make the choices you do and the degree to which those reasons provide a good basis for your choice. Note any biases and assumptions that may occur to you, and keep this in mind as you complete this discussion.

Address your experiences in each scenario in the following posts:

Part 1:
Answer the following questions: Why did you take the route you did in the parking garage scenario? Did you notice that you had preconceptions about different types of people and situations? Could those types of preconceptions ever lead to problematic inferences?

Part 2:
In the Buying a Car scenario, did you feel that the salesman had ulterior motives? Did they lead him to have any biases in terms of he wanted you to purchase? Point out some of the biases that you have in real life. Are you am interested party when it comes to certain types of questions? How does that potentially cloud your judgment?


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