Fair and lovely case, answer question as an essay(no plagiarism)

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Hello dear, I have this case study about a brand called fair & lovely, I want you to write an essay about the questions at the bottom of the file. please use chapter4,5,7,10 as a reference and the reading. also focus on the aspects in the (important) file. last please make sure its not plagiarized, and the maximum pages you could go for is 7 without the references page

the book is: Warren J. Keegan, Mark C. Green-Global Marketing-Pearson (2016)





  • Is it ethical to sell a product that is at best only mildly effective? Discuss
  • Is it ethical to exploit cultural norms and values to promote products? Discuss
  • Is the advertising of Fair & Lovely demeaning to women or is it portraying a product not too dissimilar to cosmetics in general?
  • Will HUL’s Fair& Lovely foundation counter charges made by AIDWA? Discuss

In light if AIDWA’s charges how would you suggest Fair & Lovely promote its products? Discuss. Would you response be different if Fair ever continues to use “fairness” as a theme of its promotion? discuss


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