External Environmental Analysis

External Environmental Analysis

Read the instructions for Experiential Exercise 2.1 on p. 70 of the text, including specific text references on pgs. 45-54.

Choose a company for this assignment. This assignment provides students an opportunity to perform an external analysis to see the value of it and prepare for the SWOT analysis assignment.

Complete (Write) an external environmental analysis for your chosen company that includes ALL the following factors.  List and analyze each factor separatelyNote: This analysis must be done before you can complete the actual assignment below.

  • Laws and regulations
  • Economy
  • Technology
  • Demographics
  • Social issues
  • Suppliers
  • Competitors
  • New entrants
  • Substitutes and complements
  • Customers

Following your analysis, write a response of at least 150 words for each of the following questions (total of 450 words minimum):

  • What has the company done to adapt to its environment?
  • How does that company attempt to influence its environment?
  • Do you think the company has made good decisions? Why or why not?

Format your answers consistent with APA guidelines, including third person language.

Critically analyze the facts referencing and citing the chapter concepts in text.

Submit your external environmental analysis of each of the ten factors with your written response to the three questions to your instructor via Moodle by Wednesday at 11:55 p.m. Eastern time.

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