Experiential Essay Topic- Parenting

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I have an essay: 3000 to 4500 words I need by 08/15. I have experimental essay topic and a special format to follow. If you’re intereste please reach me..I need someone with excellent writing skills and to follow the following:

Essays must be written and submitted in our essay template and follow these guidelines:

  • They must be written in the first person.
  • Use 12-point, Times New Roman font and double-space the document.
  • Address the four sections of Kolb’s experiential learning model:
    1. Concrete experience
    2. Reflective observation
    3. Abstract conceptualization
    4. Active experimentation
  • The topic must represent your personal experience — not history, research, observation or the experience of a third party. The essay should demonstrate a high level of expertise.

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