Exegetical Paper

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Exegetical Paper: students are required to choose a passage (either a

single verse or a paragraph) from one of the General Epistles, and

prepare a 6-page exegetical paper (plus title page and reference page).

Proper citation is paramount. The required citation format is Turabian.

*The Steps in Writing an Exegetical Paper

1. Choose a passage ******Hebrews 9 vs 11-12*******

2. Read the text carefully- in as many versions as possible

3. Develop your hypothesis (an idea that you will test, or prove in your paper)

5. Historical research

6. Literary research

7. Word studies

8. Review your hypothesis in light of current research

9. Commentary and journal work- get sources (commentaries, Survey Text, etc.)

10. Outline your essay

11. Write a well laid out argument in support of your hypothesis


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