Executive Brief: Proposal of New Economic Opportunity 1 of 3- DO NOT ACCEPT IS CAN’T TAKE ALL 3

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Propose an economic initiative that presents an opportunity for improved care quality.

Questions to Consider:

  • What factors determine the price and quantity of health care? What factors determine the demand for health care services?
  • What suggestions do you have for improving the economic situation of your current health care setting? How might strategies or priorities need to shift to keep up with the changing health care economic environment?
  • How do the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations impact documentation, billing, and reimbursement?


As an emerging health care leader, the senior management has requested that you independently research and explore one of the economic opportunities that may be available in your care setting. This may be offering a new service line, working to improve a service line already offered, retiring an outdated or unprofitable service line, or any other economic initiative that you believe will be of benefit to your care setting in the short and long term. One example of this is a recently launched partnership with a local bicycle sharing company. Your care setting partners with them to host healthy community events that offer free screenings for early detection of various health issues. This helps fulfill some of your care setting’s preventive and healthy lifestyle initiatives, while also potentially driving referrals to other services provided by your care setting. You have been asked to submit your proposal in the form of a 2–4-page executive summary that includes your proposed economic initiative, supporting economic data, and an analysis of the proposal’s benefits for your department and for the care setting overall.


You have been asked to ensure that your report addresses the following. Note: The bullet points below correspond to grading criteria in the scoring guide. Be sure your work is, at minimum, addressing each of the bullets below. You may also want to read the scoring guide and the Guiding Questions: Executive Brief: Proposal of New Economic Opportunity document, linked in the Resources, to better understand the performance levels that relate to each grading criterion:

  • Propose an economic initiative that presents an opportunity for your care setting at both the micro (departmental, neighborhood) and macro (organizational, community) levels that you believe will provide ethical and culturally equitable improvements to the quality of care.
  • Analyze the supply and demand for your proposed economic initiative within contexts relevant to your care setting.
  • Explain relevant economic and environmental data that support your proposal and analysis.
  • Communicate your economic proposal in a logically structured and concise manner, writing content clearly with correct use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Effectively support your proposal with relevant economic data and scholarly sources, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style.


Guiding Questions

This document is designed to give you questions to consider and additional guidance to help you successfully complete the Executive Brief: Proposal of a New Economic Opportunity assessment:

U.S. Health Care Demand

This media illustrates elastic and inelastic demand scenarios with changes in price:

This media discusses the role of economics along with topics in the U.S. health system:

This media discusses issues that affect supply-demand curves, causing the price-quantity equilibrium to change:

This media simulation module analyzes the possibility of offering a mobile clinic for veterans and the potential effects on the existing system:

These articles explore topics and possibilities of change supply and demand projections:

Economic Initiatives

This resource discusses economic initiatives with respect to impacts on cost, utilization and outcomes:

This resource discusses the provision of free health care services and the evaluation of the program’s impacts:

This resource discusses the potential of implementing time- and activity-based cost setting to improve value elements of care:

This resource discusses how information technology, realigned payment systems, and value-focused organizations together have the potential to transform issues related to spending and outcomes in the U.S. health care system:

Ethical and Cultural Issues

This resource discusses cultural resources used in Mexican-American communities to facilitate interventions for health care challenges:

This systemic review findings include evidence that interventions to improve cultural competency can improve patient/client health outcomes:

Suggested Resources for Further Review

Review the following:


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