Exclusionary Rule

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This week, you have examined the Exclusionary Rule, which prevents
evidence seized in violation of the Constitution from being used against
the accused, and you have examined other remedies against those who
committed the violations of the Constitutional protections. After
carefully reviewing the material in the learning activities, use a word
processing program to complete the following:

  • Review the case brief for the landmark case in Chapter 10 of your textbook, Mapp v. Ohio, including facts, procedural history, issue, rule, analysis, and conclusion.
  • Identify two elements plaintiffs in 1983 actions against state and local law enforcement officers have to prove.
  • Identify and describe two limits the U.S. Supreme Court placed on 1983 actions against state and local officers.

This must be at least a page and a half and have references! also APA format!

Sorry for needing it so fast forgot all about it due tonight.


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