Examine a significant ethical/social/political issue and possible solutions

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You needn’t write too professional, just like a student that whose first language is not English.

Please write an outline.

Questions to Consider:

1. What is ethics? Whose ethical standards do we follow? Who decides what is right and wrong?

2. What makes your topic an ethical question? (Instead of political)

3. What is the source of the pro/con position?

4. What steps need to be taken to realize your proposed solution?

5. How would the world be a better place if others adopted your point of nmview?

Requirements: MLA compliance.

Double space entire essay (NO space between paragraphs). 4-5 pages.

12 point font (New Times l/Roman or Cambria). 1 inch margins on all sides. Left margin justified.

Full name, class, professor, assignment, and date in left hand corner

Page number in right hand corner

Title Centered, unbolded, first letter of each content word capped

Indent five spaces for paragraph

Works Cited list and in-text citations correctly formatted


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