evaluate the pros and cons of the plan.

The purpose of the plan is to do the market research and gather requirements, information whether openning Amazon Go is a good idea Dubai or not. Research about multiple factors such as people of Dubai, their buying habbit, shopping behavior, their culture, lifestyle, economy, education, government, technology etc to derive information that affect following questions in different aspects. (see attached file for sample plan as reference if required)

Answer following questions with thorough details.

Question1: Executive summary for the plan

Question2: evaluate the pros and cons of the plan.

Question3: Write SWOT Analysis. Which includes following: (IMPORTANT SECTION)

  • Internal Strengths and Weaknesses:

a. Company Strengths.

b. Company Weaknesses

  • External Opportunities and Threats
  • Competitive Situation:

a. Threats

b. Opportunities

  • Opportunities for Weakness of Competition

Question4: Think, analyze and Include a timeline and a 5 year pro forma income statement. (sales forecast)

Question5: Write detail research information for Marketing Mix (IMPORTANT SECTION)

a. Product

b. Place

c. Price

d. Promotion

Question6: Write Evaluation and Control strategies for Amazon Go in Dubai considering following criteria:

a.Critical Assumptions

b. Monitoring Signals

c. Fatal Close Down Plan

d. Monitor Key Milestones.Report needs to be in APA format (provide references), and contain ZERO plagiarism and accurate information. Please write precise, to the point details for each section.

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