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  • Address the following topics in your essay:• Present a universal theory of humor (you may build a hybrid view if you wish)
    o Be more detailed and nuanced in your explanation than Assignments 1 and 2o Analyze your view using the criteria from class: generality and specificity, and standard of tasteo Address and respond to any potential weaknesses to your view• Use your theory of humor to explain the limits of acceptable humor
    o According to your theory of humor, what makes a joke unacceptable or in bad taste?o Should some offensive topics be off-limits for humor? Why/why not?o Feel free to use examples from the documentary we will watch in class, The LastLaugh
  • Write a three (3) page formal essay (no title pages)
  • Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins
  • Cite your sources to provide evidence and support for your argumento Use MLA format (in-text citations + works cited page)
    o… Cite class readings only—outside sources are acceptable for exampleso I discourage citing the Powerpoint slides—do your own research pleaseo Failure to cite and analyze class readings will result in a loss of points
  • essay prompt,assignment1,assignment2 are in the attachment file

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