Essay Project 3 Final Revision

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  1. Based on the feedback you received in peer review, go back to your draft of Essay 3 and make any necessary revisions. Make sure that:
    1. Your essay follows our Essay Structure requirements. You have an introduction that begins with a hook, provides background information into the issue of social media activism and ends with a one sentence thesis that directly answers the prompt questions and makes an argument about the role of social media in activism.
    2. Have at least three (but more is okay) body paragraphs that each follow PIE Paragraph structure as discussed in class. There should be two IEs (two quotes and two explanations). As a reminder, PIE stands for:

      1. Point: the topic sentence of your body paragraph. It tells the readers the purpose of this paragraph. It is an opinion or sub-claim, not a fact, and it is in your own words.
      2. Information: This is evidence to prove your Point is correct/valid. This information should come from the articles as either a direct quote or a paraphrase. It should be properly introduced according to the Incorporating Quotes handout.
      3. Explanation: This is the analysis part of your essay. You tell you reader how or why the piece of information you provided supports the Point.
    3. A counter argument addressed.
    4. A conclusion that restates the thesis and gives the essay a sense of finality.
    5. A Works Cited page listing the sources you used. Here is a Sample Works CitedLinks to an external site. page.
  2. Save your file as either a Word, PDF or Pages document.
  3. Click the blue “Submit Assignment” button to the top right, and attach your file.

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