essay on three articles

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Pick one of the following articles and focus on that, however the essay should include information from the listed articles. Essay should be typed, spellchecked, etc. 4-6 pages MLA style.

  1. Describe the barriers to social mobility in American society. Why are children born wealthy so much more likely to die wealthy than children born in poverty? Do you think this is a problem or concern? Why or why not? What do you think we can do as a nation to improve social mobility?

2. Discuss the possibility of paying reparations for slavery in the United States. Why might the descendants of slaves be owed money? What are the arguments for and against reparations? Where do you stand on the issue and why? How else might the country deal with the legacy of slavery and segregation?

3. Women now outnumber men in college, graduate, and professional programs. What impact do you think this change will have on families and on gender roles in American society? How might men and women act differently 20 years from now?

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