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Write a 3-4 page essay on the following:

The Heart of Darkness is a novel that was a particular product of modern imperialist Europe amidst the throes of the ‘crisis of liberalism’ and on the way to World War One.

What you need to do in this paper is put the Heart of Darkness in that historical context, but also in the even larger context as presented, from the Great Divergence onwards. This is the first part of the question; it involves very big-picture thinking and analysis. The second part of the question is what impact that experience had upon Kurtz, the elusive individual character within the novel. Who was he and how was he affected by things inside and outside of the modern world? How do you explain Kurtz as a human and historical person?

To document any quotes or ideas you use from the novel, the course text or the lectures, just cite them as ‘Conrad’ and the page number(s), ‘Strayer’ and the page numbers, or ‘Lecture’ and the date or the lc number. You can keep the citations in the text instead of using footnotes, but put them in parentheses. Or you can use footnotes.

clarity and quality of all of the following: critical analysis, argument, use of evidence, insight, and writing.” In this paper, you will be especially recognized for showing serious and direct engagement with the novel. Quotes and citations are helpful in this regard, but there is no substitute for showing a first-hand, critical relationship with the novel.

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