environmental policy 300 words short response

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Using the readings below to answer the questions in about 300 words:

1. Background and context:

UN-Habitat. (2016). Chapter 1: From Habitat II to Habitat III: Twenty Years of Urban Development. In Urbanization and Development (pp. 1 – 26).

* Focus on subsection: Cities and Climate Change (pp. 16 – 17)

2. Role of cities in combating climate change:

Rosenzweig, C., Solecki, W., Hammer, S. A., & Mehrotra, S. (2010). Cities lead the way in climate–change action. Nature, 467(7318), 909–911. http://doi.org/10.1038/467909a

Weiss, K. (2016). Science 2016 Weiss.pdf. Science, 352(6288), 918–921.

3. How can cities be incorporated into and participate in international negotiations?:

UN-Habitat. (2011). Chapter 2: Cities and the International Climate Change Framework. In Cities and climate change : global report on human settlements 2011 (pp. 17 – 31). London; Washington: Earthscan.

* Focus on subsection: The Potential of the International Climate Change Framework for Local Action (pp. 28 – 29)

4. City networks within a global environmental governance framework:

Betsill, M., & Bulkeley, H. (2006). Cities and the Multilevel Governance of Global Climate Change. Global Governance, 12, 141 – 159.

Why should we care about the urban realm when dealing with climate change or sustainability more broadly? Local scale: What sort of innovative actions are being taken by cities worldwide?What are some of the challenges that cities face when combating climate change? Global scale, or aggregating beyond local: what is the role of cities as actors in the international policy-making arena? Bring your own observations into play as well.

Be sure to use the readings to answer the questions thank you so much!


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