ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY environmental science homework help

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Two firm are as follow: 

1. BMW group 

2. CNH Industrial N. V 

1. Collect the most recent sustainability report for each firm chosen. It may be called another name besides sustainability report such as Corporate Social Responsibility report, Integrated report, and/or Corporate Citizenship report

Save each report 

2. Government

Use the sustainability reports as your sources for this section. For both firms chosen, list at least three countries in which each firm has major operations.  

3. Media

Find a recent news story on each company related to at least one of the ESG factors. Write a brief summary (1 paragraph) summary of the event. Identify whether the story has a negative, positive or neutral effect on the company brand.  

Check finance.yahoo.com, enter company name and get latest “Headlines” at bottom of page. 


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