English help needed for writing a fictional short story

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Compose a short story about a
quest or dream that a young person sets out to fulfill.  The quest or dream should be one that might
occur in everyday life(rather than one involving extraordinary circumstances.)  Use first person point of view, but make the
narrator older and wiser than he or she was at the time of the quest. 

Make an Outline and then
refer to it for your writing using these steps:

Identify a story
idea:  fiction story that can be inspired
by an event in your life, but that your not just writing a memoir.

Consider your
audience and purpose:  It should have a
broad message or theme.  Choose a ton that
will be effective in demonstrating your theme.

Establish a
setting:  Where does the story take
place?  Is the time of year or time of
day important?

characters:  Create one or two main
characters and a couple of supporting characters.  Try to create complex and evolving
characters.  Develop the plot or sequence
of events that will make up the action. 
The short story should have a conflict, complications, climax, and resolution. 

I need an outline for the story and the actually story.


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