english class analysis.

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4 paragraph document.

MLA format.

1.Self-Analysis of Strategy: This is a writing exercise that is intended to articulate your goals, principles, and expectations for how your résumé and cover letter would be received when submitted. This is not a document that you would submit to an employer. The GOAL of the document is to analyze the rhetorical strategies you employed in the writing, design, and submission of your application materials. This is a short analysis essay that should address the following:

oDiscussion of the assumptions and expectations of your audience, based on a textual reading of your job posting and light research of the company/program.

oDecisions of wording, description, and organization of cover letter/personal statement.

oDecisions of anecdote – what does your descriptive detail reveal about you and how does it function in your overall ethos?

oDecisions of design of résumé.

oDiscussion of rhetorical strategies and appeals you are attempting to use to persuade your audience.

Analysis of the resume and cover letter I attatched below


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