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-respond back to both responses with a minimum of 100 words

Good Afternoon,

I am aspiring to become a Radiological Technician in the field of Radiology. I would like to be able to help cancer patients through the use of Radiation Therapy. The topic of my Informative Speech will be discussing the history, the present, and new technological advances to the radiological field. My target audience is focused on people who are ignorant as to how radiation practices such as, X-Rays and Radiation Therapy to treat cancer patients, ultimately work. My intent is to educate people on the unique history of radiation therapy and how the normally harmful energy was utilized to treat people with cancer. I would also like to educate people on the different types of radiation and how it is used to treat different types of cancer.

The topic of my persuasive essay will be on “The Future of Radiology,” I will be focusing on how the practice of radiology is becoming safer and more effective through technological advances. I will also be discussing how Immunotherapy and Hyperthermia are becoming rivals to the Radiology field, as they are safe and effective as well. My target audience is people who are ignorant to how Radiology is becoming safer and more effective. My intent is to persuade people who are fearful of radiation treatment, that the new technologies are more effective and safer. My other aim is to educate those that are unaware of the Radiology fields many benefits towards modern medicine and its contribution to numerous treatments.

Thank You,


Greetings professor and class,

For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with science and Astronomy/Physics to be more exact. When I was in middle school my science teacher told me that if I really wanted to blow my mind to look up and realize that space goes on forever. When I got home that night I asked my father for a telescope and I have looked up ever since. Last year while looking for a major at this school I stumbled upon Space Studies more importantly Aerospace Studies. With that said for my two papers I would be doing them on topics in my field of study. For my Informative Topic paper I am going to discuss how through history our view on the universe has changed from the Earth centered universe like the one that has been theorized since the days of the Ancient Greeks. I find this very interesting and sometimes find it disheartening to learn about all the hurdles that had to be crossed to get to where we are scientifically. To not give too much away I still get goose bumps when learning how the circumference of the Earth was calculated thousands of years ago. It really humbles me to know men and women figured out these complex calculations without the tools that we employ in our observations.

For my second paper, which is the “Debatable Topic” I will be giving my position on whether or not Pluto is or is not a planet. I want to start this paper first but alas I cannot because I was on one side of the fence until I learned the facts on the situation and it changed my viewpoint on it and welcome the discussion. I contemplated giving some facts on this outline here but that would spoil the paper, and if I started writing it I would turn this posting into the paper and I canot have that right now.



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