Engl-1302 Composition and Rhetoric II

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Topic: Water Pollution in United State and the World

Research Paper Project (6 pages, 4-5 quality sources, and at least 1400 words)

Over the course of semester, you will prepare a creative presentation / product over some issue of public policy in the United States, Texas or the World. The research paper is a basic research/white paper over a topic. The project will be graded on: content quality, creativity/style of presentation, and research ability. Projects must include a properly formatted list of sources (at least four) to receive credit. If you give me nothing but URL’s you may fail the assignment.

Opinion/Editorial Essay/Research Essay: Students may opt to write a SIX-page paper (double spaced) over a policy topic. The essay should be informative and state your opinion about an issue. Students must include a properly formatted works cited with parenthetical citations or footnotes. A thesis or purpose statement must be included. Students should state their opinion over a policy topic and defend it with quality information. The word count is at least 1400 words. 4-5 sources should be used.


  • I am not grading you on your technical expertise. I’m grading on your ability to present an idea, to provide solid information, and to arrange information in a meaningful way. Take some risks and have fun with the project!
  • I also do not care what side you take on an issue. I care that you can support your point with solid information. Information that is solely opinion or not well researched will garner little points.

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