eng315 week 7 discussion and response

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“Now Presenting…”

  1. Think about a situation in which a presenter had a significant impact on you. Describe the situation and analyze why the presenter was able to make such a strong connection with the audience.
  2. Complete the following sentence and the explain your answer: “The most important thing I would tell a future ENG 315 student about presenting is…”


respond to this post:

Faucette Jr

RE: Week 7 | Discussion (James Faucette)

Hello Classmates and Professor Douglass,

In October 2015 I attended a two-day training with Verizon. They hired motivational speaker Joe Calamusa from the University of Alabama. He did a great job going through the art if sales. He focused on connecting with customers on a personal level. I remember he had a PowerPoint, but it was just there for visual. He had rehearsed the material and brought a tremendous amount of energy. He engaged the audience in a way that we all benefited from the training. Feel free to check out some of his videos. https://www.joecalamusa.com/leadership

The most important thing I would tell a future ENG 315 student about presenting is to take the time to study your subject. I have found myself building training decks for others, and the quality of the presentation depended on my knowledge and passion of the product. Practice your presentation. Practice your words and actions for each slide. Try to practice with a peer or even a family member. Don’t be afraid to change based on feedback.


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