Eng 111 ( discussion 1)

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Welcome to the first discussion!

In this course you will complete a weekly discussion. The discussion will run for two weeks and will consist of an initial post due during the first week, and two classmate responses due during the second week.

Are you ready to begin?

1. Watch segments 1 and 3 of Creative Inspirations: Rick Smolan, Photographer


2. Think about what he is trying to convey in his story and how he plans out a story.

3. Complete the discussion: Your Story Through Photos

Week 1 – Write your story through photos.

· Use a Word or PowerPoint Document;

· Include 10 images telling your story (personal photographs or representative images from the web);

· Add captions under each photo of a minimum of 25 words;

· Upload your work to the Discussion Board in Moodle.


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