Emotion contagion, Abnormal Psychology Journal help

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The purpose of this Journal is for students to discuss how emotions may explain a motivation behind behavior, according to the emotional approach. The Journal tab is located in the blue menu bar at the top of the page.

Part 1: To prepare for this week’s learning activityreview the following videos in addition to this week’s assigned Reading:

  1. Duran, V. M. (2013). Emotion contagion. Retrieved from www.cengage.com/custom/ems/psych/shared/video/player.html?video=emtn_cntagn_16361
  2. Maschio, J. (2014).Emotions and behavior. [Video]. Unpublished.

Part 2: Observe someone’s behavior in a public setting. Your task is to identify an emotion being expressed by an individual such as happiness, anger, frustration, etc., and relate it to the emotional approach to understanding abnormal behavior.

Part 3: In 1–2 pages, address the following:

  1. Describe the individual’s behavior.
  2. Identify the specific emotion the person expressed (e.g., scared, worried, happy, etc.).
  3. Refer directly to the components of emotions and the section on the emotions (pp. 57–60) and discuss how emotions might explain the influence and motive behind the individual’s behavior. Include a detailed discussion of one of the components of emotion (cognitive aspect of emotion, emotion and behavior, and physiological of emotion) to support your answer.

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