economic topic “Paraphrasing”

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I have 6 questions including the 6 answers. the only thing that I need to paraphrase the answers.

for example:


Explain four salient issues of the role that history, endowment and institutions of a given country can have in explaining its process of growth. How does each one relate to the integral approach?


In the colonial countries, which is the case in Africa, history endowment and institutions explains the process of growth in these countries. In Banerjee, Abhijit, and Lakshmi Iyer (2005), the ex-British colony, India, the colonial land revenue set up by the British shows disparities in terms of the historical property rights institutions. In some areas, they have lower agriculture investment as well as social services such as health and education.

In some colonized countries, found themselves after the independence in need to start from the scratch. They don’t have neither institutions, nor human capital, nor infrastructure. This situation leads to the situation of paralysis with people without capacities so they can participate in development. For instance, Mozambique, that was colonized by Portugal which didn’t invest in any of the sectors, still know struggling to put the country on the track of development because of lack of necessarily means od development as the integral economic development requires.

The endowment affects the opportunity cost of countries especially those whose produce oil. The abundance of natural resources lead these countries to specialize in producing oil which generates the existence of comparative advantage. The specialization in producing natural resources doesn’t encourage the government to diversify the economy. Most of the time this situation is explained by the resource curse. I don’t believe in resource curst, but in good or bad public policies. Good public policies with respect of the integral economic approach would be a good path for these countries to diversify their economy. Providing good public policies in health, education and democratizing the political field would be a good start so their people acquire the necessarily capacities to work and generate fortunes.

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