ECE 354 W5 Assessment & Intervention During Early Childhood D1

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Special education services for infants and toddlers are provided by
early intervention programs.  Early intervention services are required
by federal law under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
(IDEA). All states must have a program that provides services and family
support for infants and toddlers with special needs or developmental

For this discussion forum, watch the Copy of Education
Prezi presentation.  Next, research one early intervention program
available in your state.  Give the name of your state and describe the

  1. Children’s eligibility for services
  2. Setting
  3. Services available for families
  4. Availability of  services for “at risk” infants and toddlers
  5. Cost of services (if applicable)
  6. You must also include APA-formatted  references for your sources
Resource link Information provided
Overview of Early Intervention This site provides a general overview of what early
intervention programs are. You can also click on the “State
Organizations” tab to search for information by state.
Summary table of states’ and territories’ definitions of/criteria for IDEA Part C eligibility. This document provides links to information about individual state’s early information programs.
State Part C Coordinators This site provides links to each individual state’s early intervention programs.

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