EBIO 1230 University of Colorado Drosophila Lab Report

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Hi this is for Biology lab (EBIO 1230) , I have provided the lab notes from the lab book that can help the to answer the questions. Please answer them clearly. I’ll also include the main questions so you don’t have write them again. Please with in 4 or 5 hrs. if you can. I appreciate the help very much.

here are the questions:-

1. Use the table below to diagram the gel. Use an X to indicate a band. Assume the wells are at the top row. In the well, indicate the sample (i.e. fly # and gene, a or b, and ladder).

___________2. What size is the allele that codes for the cinnabar?

__________3. What size is the allele that codes for the glossy?

Table 8.1. Fill in the genotypes for all 6 flies and both genes in the following table.

Fly #

Cinnaber Gene Cn = Wild-Type Cn’ = Cinnabar

Glossy Gene Gl = Wild-Type Gl’ = Glossy

4. List the potential flies that you will use to meet your objective. (Hint: your objective is listed at the bottom of the scenario subheading. Your goal is to obtain a true-breeding lineage of D. melanogaster that exhibits the cinnabar and glossy traits. For example: Can you use flies 1 and 2 from Table 8.1 and make crosses to eventually end up with your desired fly type?)

5. Which of the flies listed in question 4 are pure D. melanogaster and do not represent a hybrid between D. melanogaster and D. yakuba. (Hint: Use the blast search of the sequences associated with the candidate flies to determine the species each allele came from. Be careful because heterozygous flies have more than one sequence associated with each gene so you may be checking up to four alleles for a single fly.)

6. Use Punnet squares and added explanation to show the crosses needed to produce the desired true-breeding flies for the cinnabar and glossy traits.

With Respect!!!

Thank you!


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