EBIO 1230 UCB Paternity Tests DNA Profiling and Genetic Analysis Lab Report

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HI this is for EBIO 1230 Lab, the idea of this lab is to answer the 6 question below as they should. I’ll provide all the material below that includes a short You tube videos that shows the preparation and end result of the lab.

Here are the questions:-

1) Make Table 10.1 and fill in the colors from the gel in the table below, then convert the colors to STR lengths using Table 10.1. The ladder for the gel is as follows: well –> blue –> green –> violet –> red –> yellow.

“there is a table here you can see it from the pic file I send you.”

2) Pretend you are the DA. Name the person you think did the crime and briefly but completely present the evidence that supports your accusation.

3) Choose the sample you think is most important in solving the case and determine the profile probability for the person you think the sample belongs to. Show your math. Be sure to use information from all four markers in your calculation.

4) Choose the baby you think has the most impact on solving this case and determine the paternity index. Show your work. Be sure to use information from all four markers in your calculation.

5) Pretend you are the defense lawyer and give your rebuttal to the DA.

6) Pretend you are a jury member determining whether the accused person is guilty or not guilty. Write a brief but complete document that explains your decision with supporting evidence.

Thank you!!!


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