Document Analysis

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Write a 6-7 page Document Analysis based on Hesiod Theogony and Works and Days Your task is to show how the text you have selected provided information and reflects on the period during which it was written. In other words, what does the text show about how people lived, events, socio-economic relationships, ideas or religious sentiments during the period we have studied?

Do not just assert what you think to be true – you need to quote or paraphrase from the document to show exactly how the document supports the position you are asserting. If the work you have chosen in long, you may restrict your analysis to only a part of the work, as long as your paper is 6-7 pages long. Remember, this is not a book report – I am not interested in the plot or the overall argument of the work you are studying. I am only interested in specific passages that reveal some aspect of the period during which the work was written.

Outline for Oral Report

At the beginning of the last two classes and before the final exam, I want each one of you to give a brief oral report, (about 5 minutes long) summarizing your paper.

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