. Do you impose some limitations on your own actions? Why?

This week, please respond to THREE of the following forum prompts (one – two paragraphs per answer). Please begin as soon as you have read the last chapter of the textbook and looked at the lecture and links. These responses and your peer comments (at least two) are due by Wednesday night at 11pm.

1. Do you impose some limitations on your own actions? Why? Do you believe they make you free or instead deny you freedom? Of the arguments for and against free will presented in this chapter, which one strikes you as being the most convincing? Explain your answer as fully as possible.

2. This chapter discusses a number of religious and philosophical beliefs that say freedom comes only within limitations. Discuss at least two of these limitations. Do they apply to your life at present? If not, would you be willing to try them?

5. Why is “freedom” the final chapter of our textbook? What did you think of the authors’ final message in the last section of the chapter? The Wordsworth poem? Include here any final comments on “Citizen Kane” and/or “Do the Right Thing” as regards the characters’ limitations or freedoms.

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