district Plan for Improved Teacher Evaluation writing homework help

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Please read the instruction below very carefully and follow them when you write the paper. I also attached the same instruction with the rubric to make sure that you follow it 

I also attached  a sample of this assignment and how should it be but the sample is 8 pages and did extra work by adding tabels and it is not required. I also attached the evaluation form that used in the sample

Finally I attached Fairfax county evaluation handbook which I want you to work in . I also attached a survey made by FEA about the handbook which you can use it as a refrences 

Please use APA style with a title page and references page and no plagiarism 

District Plan for Improved Teacher Evaluation

Human Resource Management Directions to Candidates:

Upon completion of the following actions you should ensure that your plan incorporates the following components:

Part 1: After analyzing the current district approved document, you will write a 2-3 page description of your understanding of how the human resource unit of a school district has established its standards for improving instruction. Analyze the district’s current priorities, human performance strategies, and describe the district’s climate for serving the learning needs of culturally diverse urban school populations. (ELCC 2.1)

Describe your understanding of how the district utilizes technology and information

systems as a human resource function in the development and use of district-wide performance appraisal processes for staff with attention to the process and action of teaching for teachers. (ELCC 2.2)

Part 2:  3-4 pages Based on your background understanding of the district’s objectives you will then enter the second half of this assignment. With the cooperation of a local school (at either the middle or high school urban setting), you will work with the school administrator and faculty to develop a district-wide staff development action plan with K-12 teachers that addresses best practices in the teaching and learning process for designated grade groups such as Early Childhood, Intermediate, Middle School and the various disciplines of the school curriculum. Apply your knowledge and understanding of the need for a strong human resource induction program, for teachers new to a school district covering a period of one to three years. After interviewing teachers and the school administrator design a professional development training program (ELCC 2.4) that the local K-12 teachers can use (incorporating best practices outlined in the district’s “Professional Teacher Evaluation Standards” document and your analysis of best practices). Describe how you demonstrated a respect for the rights of the teachers and acted in a impartial way in your development of the program (ELCC 5.1, 5.2). Describe the decisions you made regarding the type of developmental approach that works best for your chosen school environment. (ELCC 5.3). Be sure to incorporate theories of human growth and development, including cultural diversity, learning, and motivational theories. (ELCC 2.3)

Provide a summary explanation in your report that shows your understanding of the importance of continuous professional development and submit your own personal growth plan that reflects your commitment to best practices in school leadership and life- long learning. 


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