. Display the argument in revised standard form, using the letters provided

  1. Written out below is an argument in which bracketing, underlining and lettering have been done for you. Display the argument in revised standard form, using the letters provided. In your display, do not write out the argument in full, but merely use the assigned letters as abbreviations to indicate which statements go where.

The most common argument offered by creationists against the theory of evolution is an attempt to discredit the fossil evidence for evolution by pointing to the relative scarcity of transitional forms. However, (a)<this is a poor argument>, for at least three reasons. First, (b)<in order to embarrass the theory of evolution, it would be required that it predicts that there should be numerous transitional fossils>. In fact, however, (c)<major evolutionary change occurs when a small population becomes reproductively isolated>, and, further, (d)<such a major change occurs over a relatively short period of geological time>. Thus, (e)<on this view, there should be a relative scarcity of transitional fossils>. The second point is that, nonetheless, (f)<there are transitional fossils>, for (g)<the therapsids provide numerous links between reptiles and mammals>, and, in addition, (h)<Archaeopteryx is a clear intermediary between dinosaurs and birds>. Finally, whatever the problems associated with the fossil record, (i)<what we find does not look at all as it would be expected to if God created all varieties of life at the same time>. (j)<If creationism were true, we would expect the fossil record to have the structure of a well-stirred stew, with trilobites and tigers, dinosaurs and donkeys all side by side>. (k)<This is anything but what we do find>

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