discussion question 1087

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watch this video and for the first discussion writing produce 200 words about it

Class last week, we reviewed the importance of evaluating training programs and we reviewed the steps of the evaluation process. We also understood how important it is to evaluate the process data and the outcome data. During the past eight weeks, we have covered the steps of the training design process.

Using the training process model, we have successfully created a training program for Taormina’s call center employees. Creating this training program for the call center is a great short-term plan. However, the company will need many other training programs in the long-term. What did you determine the company you researched and their training needs?

This week, we will review five key areas of organizational training. These areas are orientation training, diversity training, sexual harassment training, team training, and cross-cultural training.

These five key areas will provide you, as a training specialist, with enough tools to create training opportunities to enhance the business performance of Taormina.

In Addition a response must be given back to the other students Donna Hill and Kimberly Adams.

Kimberly Adams

Week 9 Discussion-Onboarding

Good evening Professor and Classmates! I tend to agree with the majority of the class, that onboarding is often a neglected part of new employee orientation. The aspects of a great onboarding process should include the following topics:

Orientation training- provides the new employee with a clear understanding of what is expected of them, company history, culture and it strategic vision.

Diversity training– education for new employees that helps their understanding the differences in cultural, ethnic, religious, race and sexual orientation of their co-workers to help raise awareness of the differences and how to overcome them in a way that everyone can get along.

Sexual harassment training– helps employees to identify how to recognize unwanted advances, quid pro-quo harassment (where a boss promises their employee some type of perk for sexual favors), in which either of these situations could result in a hostile work environment.

Team training– is important it teaches the new employee how to be and engaged and interactive member of their team, department and organization.

Cross-cultural training-is the general awareness of the cultural differences that may exist between different countries and with the many foreign nationals that work in the larger corporations as employees, it is an important part of training to help employees understand the differences.

All of these are important parts of employee training should be included in the on-boarding process and should not be consolidated into a quick half day orientation, but should span over the course of a few weeks in order to fully engage new employees.

Donna Hill

Week 9 discussion

Diversity training represents the opportunity for employers to educate employees about diversity. Although diversity training cannot completely change an individual’s beliefs, it does have the ability to increase awareness, impart knowledge, and educate employees on how to accept differences among fellow employees. Organizations use diversity training to bring out the best in their employees. Organizations also want to break down the barriers that separate different types of employees, such as ethnic, social, and political barriers, so they can work together and be productive as a team. Establishing a diversity training plan takes time and effort. There is more to it than just hiring someone to talk with employees about diversity. For diversity training to be effective, an organization should ensure their training program is an ongoing effort supported by top management.



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