Discussion Lifeskill Activities

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REQUIRED TEXT Lifeskill Activities for Special Children 2ndEdition


ISBN13: 9780470259375

ISBN10:047025937X Format: Paperback Pub. Date: 9/15/2009

Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass

Discussion – 

handling fears… 

we all have them, we all had them too… 

can you relate in a way that helps others learn how to deal with their fears?

After all we’re all coaches, teachers, and guides in life

to ourselves and others…

How have you learned to face fears? 

How have you helped others learn to overcome fears?

My youngest was always afraid of being alone.  While around others he would be outgoing, social, and totally friendly.. not a loner at all.  But if he believes he was alone he would start crying and panicking.  All it would take was a door closed and locked with him outside alone or something similar. 

So to start handling it we talked about it after each episode and how he was afraid, and how to handle being afraid so it wouldn’t run his life and decisions.  Then we did shaping activities; basically having him go outside our back door while I was standing inside in full view.  I’d lock the door and turn my back; a later episode we’d do the same but I’d walk a few paces away; then eventually out of sight for a short and then longer times.. Eventually the panic subsided and the fear was manageable.  

Later on, while in Scouts at a summer camp he took on one of his other big fears… heights.  He took a ropes course that required climbing onto things, trust falls from the ground and 4 feet up, and at the end going up a wire ladder to a tree, crossing a log up 20 feet in the air, climbing higher, and then doing a zip line down to the ground.  After he got home my husband told me about it and how he faced it through out the week.  When I talked with him I asked why he did it; “I don’t want my fears to run my life” was his reply.  Needless to say I am proud of his attitude about fears…


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