Discussion – Hearing Health

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Before writing your post read the April 2008 article An Orchestra Wearing Earplugs, by Sarah Lyall. It’s uploaded here with the question. 

Discussion: At present, the sound levels of music ensembles in the United States are not regulated; yet across Europe, interventions to prevent damage from high sound levels in orchestras are being tested and implemented. Discuss your views on the potential regulations of sound produced during:

  • live performances
  • rehearsals for music ensembles of any size and genre
  • educational activities in public schools (including UNT)

Be sure to use the information provided in the article and lecture to support your argument. As always, include your own experiences to add depth to your post.

Reference: In preparation for your term project, for this discussion you are required to properly cite the above article in your post, and provide a bibliographic reference. You may use any citation style you prefer (Chicago, MLA, APA, AMA, etc.). To help you understand the different citation styles, a resource has been provided below. Use this site to explore the different styles in print today, and to learn how to format your reference for this week’s assignment. 



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