Discussion- Direct Descriptive FBA

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After you have completed the assigned Reading for Unit 7, post your initial response to the following Discussion topic (please complete BOTH A and B). Your primary post should be no less than 350 words in length. Your primary post must be specific, concise, and substantive. After you have submitted your primary post, review the primary posts of your classmates and respond specifically and substantially (no less than 100 words) to at least two other students.

Topic 1: Direct Descriptive FBA

Discuss why conducting a Direct Descriptive FBA could be considered a better choice than relying upon the utilization of the Indirect assessment processes described in Unit 6

Compare and Contrast 2 of the specific data recording procedures utilized in the Direct Descriptive approach as reviewed in the assigned Reading for Unit 7 (Chapter 8 of the e-book). Be sure to discuss how each contributes to the development of a hypothesis for the function of the target behavior.


Steege, M. W., & Watson, T. S. (2009) Conducting school-based functional behavioral assessments, 2nd Edition. New York: The Guilford Press.


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