Discussion Board on the Heidi Chronicles help, English homework

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Please answer the assigned question with a fully developed paragraph and examples from the play itself that support your response. Then, make sure you answer the question for everyone as well. Remember to review the board so you are not simply repeating something someone else has already said.

2. What do you think of Heidi’s relationships with Scoop and Peter? What role do they serve in the play? Are her male friends ultimately more important?  This needs to be a paragraph 
Is The Heidi Chronicles truly a feminist play?  Why or why not?  Your response should be at least two full paragraphs in length and use one of the secondary readings for support. This needs to be two paragraphs 

Secondary sources: 

Balakian, Jan. “The Heidi Chronicles: The Big Chill of Feminism.” South Atlantic Review 60.2 (1995): 93-101. Print.  Balakian reading 

Barko, Cortney Cronberg. “Rediscovering Female Voice and Authority: The Revival of Female Artists in Wendy Wasserstein’s The Heidi Chronicles.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies 29.1 (2008): 121-138. Print.  Barko reading

Dolan, Jill. “Feminist Performance Criticism and the Popular: Reviewing Wendy Wasserstein.”Theater Journal 60.3 (2008): 433-457. Print.  Dolan reading


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