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Select the goal you posted in your Week 6 Shared Practice using the Personal Values Survey. You will use this goal to develop an action plan for achieving your goal. The interactive media presentation from this week’s Learning Resources, “Action Plan,” will provide you with more clarification regarding how to develop objectives, milestones, and time lines to achieve your goal.

To prepare for this Shared Practice, use the “Action Plan Worksheet” provided at the end of the interactive media piece Action Plan from your Learning Resources. Your post for the Shared Practice should be in the range of 3–5 coherent paragraphs and should cohesively present your action plan to achieve your goal.

Use the “Action Plan Worksheet” from the interactive media piece to:

  • Draft your goal and state a reasonable time line to meet your goal;
  • Specify at least two objectives which will help you reach the goal;
  • Identify at least two measurable milestones you will need to complete to meet your objective; and
  • Determine a time line to ensure that progress on individual milestones can be measured. (Hint: As you determine the time line to meet the individual milestones, it may be necessary to reconsider the time line you established for the greater goal.)

When you have completed the “Action Plan Worksheet,” you are ready to draft your goal in paragraph form for your Shared Practice. Your post for the Shared Practice will likely be in the range of 3–5 paragraphs.


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