Discussion 350 words

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Matthew is planning to open a manufacturing facility. He is considering a “Christian-only” hiring policy whereby he would determine to hire only professing evangelical Christians to work in the facility. He asks you for your advice on the following questions: 

1. Would such a policy be legal? If so, under what terms and what might the restrictions be? 
2. From a Great Commission perspective, would this policy be advisable? 
3. How would your answers change, if at all, if they planned to open a Christian school rather than a manufacturing facility? 

Use the words “Legal and Advisable,” “Legal, Not Advisable,” “Not Legal, Advisable,” or “Not Legal and Not Advisable” in the subject line of your thread, depending upon your conclusion.


Read and consider Matthew 28:19–20. You may also want to consult some good commentaries and other study aids on this passage.


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