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Your task is to first review the assignment for this module in which you are asked to write a short process essay describing a process for a new colleague. Then, you should focus on one paragraph that you will include in your essay. Share this with the class. However, you must pay close attention to the given-new contract. You will want to practice the given-new contract in this paragraph. Remember, each new idea builds on the previous idea!

Once you have shared your paragraph, your task will be to evaluate and provide feedback to your classmates on their paragraphs.

As you provide feedback to your classmates, you should respond to the following:

• Is the paragraph clearly written? Does it flow well according to the given-new contract?

• Are there any sentences that do not follow the given-new contract? If so, which ones?

• Do you have any suggestions for revisions that would make the paragraph stronger? If so, what are they?

Respond to the following discussion


1. The following paragraph refers to the programming of a microprocessor-based protective relay for a power system breaker, called a recloser. This is a paragraph describing some of the beginning steps that help prepare for the programming.

To begin, a load study must be completed for the specific circuit on which the relay will be installed. This will include referencing existing sectionalizing studies to ensure proper coordination with upstream reclosing devices. These sectionalizing studies will give you a general idea of the proper recloser time- current-curves (TCC’s) that will have to be implemented in the new relay settings. These TCC’s must be checked by calculating each curve to ensure the downstream relay begins its reclosing operations prior to the upstream relay. This will ensure a fault that is downstream of the most downstream device is cleared by the proper relay. In other words, this ensures the upstream relay does not trip for a fault that is protected by another relay. The calculated TCC should be compared to the tripping delay of each device and shall always allow for quicker operation for each device that is added downstream of another. When calculating TCC’s, remember ABC Power Company will always use two fast curves and two slow curves for every relay that is implemented system-wide.

2.how to add a generator to an energized electrical bus. This specific paragraph is describing some of the first few steps in getting the process started. Thanks.

Initially you want to make sure you are wearing your headset before you approach the generator. This provides both hearing protection and communication with your working crew should they need to get your attention or if you need to speak with them. Once you get to the rear of the generator open the Generator System Control (GSC) panel and locate the Engine Control Switch (ECS). Place the ECS in the manual position, observe the engine starts and accelerates to operating voltage and frequency. On the GSC display, check that the voltage is at 4295V and frequency is at 60Hz. Adjust both as needed on the GSC using the Voltage Adjust Rheostat (VAR) and Frequency Adjust Rheostat (FAR). Then you will check engine parameters on the GSC. You want to verify the engine is operating within the nominal ranges of its systems. Coolant should be about 180 degrees Fahrenheit, oil pressure about 40 pounds per square inch (PSI) and air differential pressure about 15 inches of water.


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