Discussion 1: Transformation

The field of special education has seen many changes in the past two decades, from the right to a free and appropriate education for all students, to the educational placement of students with exceptionalities within general education classrooms. Although some notable changes have been made, we still have a long way to go before we can say with certainty that there are no issues when considering the academic placement of students with exceptionalities. The same goes for issues with resources and materials for English Language Learners (ELL), or the costs to purchase assistive technology devices. Through continued research and studying, certain issues are more prevalent than others, requiring the need for additional research studies, action, advocacy, and needed changes.

For this Discussion, you will examine theories, research, and current issues in today’s educational system that have an impact on special education and create problem statements for future research.

To prepare:

·         Review all module Learning Resources.

·         Enter the Grand City interactive community and locate West Ridge Middle School. Review the case study video titled, “The New Student.”

·         Think about the issues you have identified from the case study throughout the course.

·         Create two problem statements based on the issues you identified in the case study related to Jamal. As you work on your problem statements, consider how these might provide the basis/inspiration for future research that could affect positive social change in the field of special education.

Post your problem statements along with an analysis of how each could serve to affect positive social change in the field of special education.

Required Media

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