discuss what you learned about the value of studying philosophy from the article.

  • “Why study philosophy” at  https://youtu.be/tuPmSDun9LE
  • After reading the article you chose for your essay, discuss what you learned about the value of studying philosophy from the article.  Make sure you include a quote from the article itself.  How does this discussion help you better understand the purpose and goal of this course?  What can you take from the article that will help you make this semester a success — not only academically but also in terms of personal growth?

Essay post (due Thursday, June 2):-

  • At least 250 words — 2 points
  • Posted by Thursday– 2 points
  • Includes one quote (fully typed out sentence with citation information) from an assigned article — 4 points
  • Discusses in detail the student’s reaction to the article — 4 points

Discussion Assignment GradingCourse: NameDiscussionYours NameProfessor’s Name [optional]University 1 DiscussionGoldstein, a philosopher and novelist said, ‘you should learn philosophy to…

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