discuss the process of health policymaking

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select any (proposed or enacted) public health policy. In two or three paragraphs discuss a few of the dimensions of the policymaking process as they relate to your chosen policy. In addition, I would like you to address specifically the roles of both ethics and evidence in the process. (Be sure to select a “public” health policy and not one enacted by a private organization. For example, one legislated by the US Congress, the FDA, CDC, HHS, CMS, etc.)

I chose New York’s recently changed abortion law. Here is my essay below.

The New York state Department stated that “maternal mortality rate has increased in the last decade from 13.3 per 100,000 live births in 2006, to 25 per 100,000 live births in 2015.” The vast majority of these deaths were caused by abortions that were done illegally in unsafe conditions. [a1] The alarming increase has prompted the Governor of New York to look closer into this epidemic and the concerning rise in the statistical numbers. One way to combat the rise in maternal mortality rate, the Governor enacted a new abortion law, that allowed mothers to have legal and safe abortions past the 24-week mark; if the mother and or infant’s health is at risk. [a2] This is a way for those parents who find out later in their pregnancy, that the child may not be viable and or has a birth defect that hinders the parent and or child emotionally, they will have the proper and safe channels to terminate the pregnancy.

This new law was adopted, but with hesitation and a large amount of push back. NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman stated “Today, New York State took a historic vote to protect women’s rights and autonomy. The Reproductive Health Act recognizes reproductive health care as a fundamental right. It takes abortion out of the criminal code and puts it where women’s health belongs — in the public health law. It recognizes the range of medical professionals that women can turn to, expanding access to early care.” This was a phenomenal win for those who have advocated for women’s rights. The uphill battle has given women more control over their reproductive choice. In contrast, if a woman is attacked by an assailant and lose the baby as a result, the perpetrator wouldn’t be criminalized for the death of the child, because the death of an unborn child has been removed from the criminal penal code. Another issue that arises from this new policy is the Hippocratic oath, this oath states “do no harm”, it is one oath that many doctors, physicians and nurses take as they begin their career as caretakers. If a woman wants a late term abortion even though the mother and child are healthy and viable, but the mother feels as if she has a health issue that may hinder her from providing for the child, would the doctor be held liable for harming a child who is able to live outside the womb?

Although on the surface, this new policy shows great potential and progression, there are a lot of underlying factors that may arise and cause it to fail. This new policy is so new that we have yet to see the ramifications of its implementation, therefor we are unable to assess whether or not it was a good decision. Ruth Ginsbrg said “ the emphasis must be no on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control.”, and that exactly what this law is trying to do.

Grading Rubric

A specific health policy or program was selected and details provided (10pts possible): 10 points received

Were at least 2 dimensions of the policymaking process identified (20pts possible): 0 points received

Was it made clear how these aspects of the policymaking process were related to the chosen policy (10pts possible): 0 points received

Was the role of ethics discussed in relation to the policymaking process for this health policy/program with some specificity (5pts possible): 0 points received

Was the role of evidence discussed in relation to the policymaking process for this health policy/program with some specificity (5pts possible): 0 points received

Comments: Here are his recommendations to fix it.

Very nicely written and you picked a policy with potential. However, the point of this exercise was to objectively “discuss a few of the dimensions of the policymaking processes they relate to your chosen policy.” These were covered in the video lecture. In the future, please carefully read the instructions because all exercises and exams will be graded similarly.

You lost a lot of points since what you wrote wasn’t focused on the policymaking process. However, for this first assignment I am letting students go back and make changes/additions to their submissions if they did poorly. Please email me your updated document by the end of February if you would like me to re-grade this exercise without any penalty.


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