Discuss the causes and symptoms of your chosen disorder and possible treatment options.

Digestive disorders are nothing new. As long as humans have consumed food, there have been problems with digestion. Now think about how human nutrition has changed over time and across geographical locations.


Identify a digestive disorder that is closely linked to a particular time or place.

For example, a lower incidence of colorectal cancer has been documented in parts of the world where the local diet consists primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables with low consumption of cooked red meat. (Note: colorectal cancer is an example—please do not use this disorder in your discussion.)


Discuss the causes and symptoms of your chosen disorder and possible treatment options.

Include information on the role of diet in mitigating or treating symptoms of the disorder.

Cite at least two sources in your response. These can include sources in our LEO course.


Choose any food that you would like and look up its nutritional analysis through the USDA website. Discuss the portion size and specify the type of protein and the type of fat that is in the food. You can choose 1-2 foods so that you can discuss both protein and fat.

Then discuss why or why not this food may or may not be a good choice for various situations.  Finally, please list something new about the food item that you did not realize.

The purpose of this is to help you familiarize yourself with the USDA database, as well as begin to understand the differences in proteins and the different types of fat.

For example, I will use macadamia nuts. I will put in blurb form, I hope your writing will be more fluid.

Amount: one cup (whole/halves) which is about 134 grams (gm)

Protein content: 10.6 gm. This food is a plant based protein

Fat content: 102 gm, it contains both saturated and unsaturated fats. With the unsaturated fats, it contains both mono and poly.

This food is a good choice for someone who is looking to ingest a plant based protein with high levels of omega 3s (monounsaturated fats). This food is also a good choice for people looking to gain weight as it is calorically dense, but healthfully, as it is nutrient dense. It may be a good snack for early satiety- (high fat foods tend to make you feel full faster); however it someone is looking to lose weight, eating a lot of macadamia nuts in one sitting may not be the best choice. I did not realize that macadamia nuts did not contain vitamin D (nuts are often listed as a good source of vitamin D- it just depends which ones)

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