Disability in Society

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Directions: Disability Advocacy is acting, speaking or writing to promote, protect, and defend the human rights of people with disabilities. For this assignment, you will be conducting a needs assessment. A “need” is a discrepancy or gap between “what is” and “what should be”. A needs assessment is a systematic set of procedures that are utilized to determine needs, examine their nature and causes, and set priorities for future action. Furthermore, the evaluation determines the presence of a social problem and identify potential solutions to that problem. They are best thought of as evaluations that take place before a service or program is designed or implemented. The information provided by a thorough needs assessment helps to plan a feasible, effectively targeted program.

(a) identify an unmet need in the community or on campus for people/students with disabilities, (b) provide evidence and valid sources to demonstrate and support that there is in fact a need, and (c) develop a delivery system (advocacy project) to fulfill this need.

Students will turn in a literature review with a minimum of 6 pages and include a title page, headings, and reference page but no abstract is required (note: the title and reference page is not included in the page length requirement; therefore you need a minimum of 6 pages of actual text). Students should incorporate the following information presented below:

  • Statement and Defense of the problem: Statement and Defense of the problem (What is the specific topic, issue, problem you have chosen to study? Why is it important to study?). What is the social problem and specific need? How will this help an individual with a disability?
  • Background: Background of the problem (such as unresolved issues, social concerns, relevance of the paper).
  • Significance of need for service: Justify the need for this specific service. What is the difficulty or area of concern? Why is this program needed? (To complete requirements for the course does not count!) How will this benefit individuals with disabilities?
  • Purpose and Objectives: Specifically, what are you going to do and why are you doing it? How are you approaching the problem you have identified? What is the end goal of addressing the need?

Literature Review: A literature review should focus on the major topic as a whole and any relevant subtopics which interrelate. The Literature Review should present factual information. That is, report what is found in the literature and not your opinion about what it means or what should, or should not, be done with the information. The literature review should be presented in a systematic, logical way. Do not just cite study after study. Literature should be integrated in such a way as to directly address the purpose of the paper. For the most part, literature reviewed should incorporate the need you are trying to work with and see if there have been similar cases and outcomes among the research.

Advocacy Project

Social justice and advocacy are an essential part of the counseling profession. The CACREP Standards state that, “counselors must understand effective strategies to support client advocacy and influence public policy and government relations on local, state, and national levels to enhance equity, increase funding, and promote programs that affect the practice of clinical mental health and rehabilitation counseling. Counselors must advocate for policies, programs, and services that are equitable and responsive to the unique needs of clients. Counselors also promote optimal human development, wellness, and mental health through prevention, education, and advocacy activities” (Smart 2009, p. 111-116).

After you have defined the problem, select one advocacy activity that you will carry out by the end of the semester. This could include writing your local, state, and national representatives, preparing an educational presentation for a class (PowerPoint/Prezi), agency, or council, joining counselor advocacy groups and participating in their advocacy activities, etc. For instance, you may want to prepare a presentation on reducing stigma surrounding psychiatric disorders to give to an undergraduate Human Services class. Include a discussion on your advocacy activity in your problem definition paper, including why you selected that activity, how effective you expect it to be, and how you will implement the activity. Include literature supporting the efficacy of this activity. A reference page for the problem-definition paper is required.

Finally, after you have implemented your advocacy activity, write a three-page summary of how it went, what response you got, and how you could improve your impact in the future. Discuss how you plan to incorporate social justice and advocacy activities into your practice as a counselor.

Grading Rubric


Met Expectation

Exceeded Expectations






Identifying the Problem

Poorly defined issue, is not able to specifically state the problem.

Defines a problem and is able to articulate the issues clearly

Problem is well-defined and specific.

Literature Review

Inadequate search. Unable to demonstrate knowledge on the issue

[1-3 references]

Effective search and clear understanding of the issues

[5-8 references]

Exhaustive search with extensive reference list.

[12+ references]

Significance of Need / Purpose

Inadequate justification for need. Unable to create strong argument for service or project

Justifies need and makes a clear argument. Social problem is mostly demonstrated.

Strong argument for project. Social problem is clearly defined.

Analysis & Self Awareness

Inadequate analysis of project. Unable to demonstrate strengths and weaknesses of project, or minimal effort was put forth in summarizing the project

Effective analysis of project. Student put effort in detailing the project’s strengths and weaknesses and provided responses to the question(s) in the directions

Strong analysis of the project. Student(s) spent considerable time and effort in discussing the project’s strengths and weaknesses.

Grammar & Spelling

Writer makes many errors in grammar and spelling that distract the reader from the content.

Writer makes a few errors in grammar or spelling, but these errors do not distract the reader from the content

[1-5 errors]

Writer makes no errors in grammar or spelling that distract the reader from the content.


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