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Essay 2 – Descriptive Essay: Extended Metaphor
Metaphors compare two things, often things that are not usually compared or related (e.g. love is a rollercoaster). An extended metaphor, on the other hand, expands upon a single metaphor and draws out further points of comparison. For example, (Love is a roller coaster; it has its ups and downs, sometimes your stomach drops, sometimes it’s terrifying and makes you want to throw your hands up and scream, but sometimes you have a lot of fun.) Extended metaphors are often used by writers to create a new and more complex understanding of a subject.
For this assignment, you will be creating an extended metaphor by writing a 3- or 4-page essay that establishes and explains how one idea or concept can be further understood through a metaphorical comparison with a seemingly unrelated object, concept, or idea. Be sure to use specific examples and details along with effective explanation demonstrating how one concept compares to the other. While it’s possible to compare any two concepts, for this essay you may choose one of the following options:
Writing is…
For this option, you will look at the act of writing and compare it to an outside concept. The idea behind this is to strengthen your own knowledge of what writing is and how to do it well. As you compare writing to another topic (i.e. going to Walmart, buying a car, making a sandwich) you should increase in your knowledge about both topics.

College is…
Similar to the above, you can also choose to write your essay about the college experience. Ideally, this will help you analyze your own habits and strategies for success in college.

______ is…***
For an added challenge, you may compare an idea of your choosing to another. But in order to choose this option, I must approve the topic. I’d rather you not choose a tired, cliché topic, (i.e. love is a rose, music is a woman), so I will probably reject those. But if you have a great idea that you’re dying to explore (i.e. love is a turtleneck sweater, music is the zombie apocalypse), by all means, I’ll let you be creative!

Essay 2 requirements:
Remember, as with all academic writing, your essay should have a specific and significant purpose.
Your essay should include an introduction that contains a clear thesis statement that establishes the purpose of the essay.
Your conclusion will be extremely important, as will the question of “so what?”
All essays must be typed, double-spaced, and 3-4 pages.
This essay does not require research. You should be able to write it based on your own experiences, knowledge, and observations.
The essay is not narrative; it should be a descriptive or comparison essay. Though personal and first-hand examples are acceptable, you should vary the types of examples that you use. Use of first person words, such as “I,” “me,” or “my,” is acceptable, but should be used sparingly.
Essay 2 must adhere to MLA guidelines in order to receive full credit.
Essay 2 must be at least three (3) full pages in length. Any paper not meeting the length requirements will not be accepted.
Each formal out of class essay must be submitted to SafeAssign through our course on Blackboard on or before the due date.
All notes, prewriting and peer review workshop sheets must be turned in with your final draft. I will deduct points if you do not have these materials attached.

Late essays and/or essays that are not sent to SafeAssign will not be accepted for response and points.

Extended Metaphor Checklist ☑

Main Impression / Main Idea (p. 158)
Is there an overall effect or feeling shown to the reader?
Is there a clear comparison between an idea or concept and an object or second idea?

Strong description (p. 160)
Does description use specific detail?
Do the details appeal to the 5 senses?
Does the description bring the person, place, or object to life for the reader?

Editing: Was careful attention paid to:

MLA Format:

Correct 1st page
Correct margins
Type font & size
Essay submitted on Blackboard to SafeAssign

Final Draft of Paper
Reflection (1-page letter)
Rough draft with peer review notes
Record of Consultation from Writing Studio
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